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High-frequency Electronic Acupunctoscope WQ-6F
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Product: Views:11High-frequency Electronic Acupunctoscope WQ-6F 
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WQ-6F Electronic Acupunctoscope is an electronic acupuncture treatment instrument which was utilized of combination with microcomputer technology and traditional Chinese meridians.

it had been applied for acupuncture therapy ,electrical stimulation of acupuncture points on the human body surface , electro-stimulation therapy and sensitive determination of the meridian.


1: Scope: treatment with acupuncture, acupuncture anesthesia, body surface electrical acupoint stimulation, electrical excitability treatment and sensitive determination of the meridian. Which Can also be used for animal treatment by points and so on.

2: In order to improve the efficacy of the instrument output the eight kinds pulse column waveform. The frequency of each waveform box 0-20,0-200 Hz continuously adjustable in two stages, in any combination. Instrument A, B two groups of 7 outputs can selec both A and B are two different frequency waveform output.

3: output intensity of the high points, the low two tranches, regulation uniform, stable, less power consumption. Separate input ot output without disturbing each other. Output can be formed by " parallel connection " and " series connection " to strengthen the stimulation and meets different requirements.

Technical parameters:

Pulse frequency : 0-200Hz

Pulse width: 0.25ms, 0.5ms, 0.75ms

The peak-to-peak value of the output voltage: greater than 80V (500 ohm load)
Output pulse output of circuit: 7

Power supply: DC4.5V (No. 1 battery) (power adapter supply, battery dual-use)
Equipment Accessories

Belt clip output line: 7 groups

With electrode output line: Group 1

Power adapter: 1

Manual: 1







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